Making A Deal? Do You Need A Lawyer?

Making a deal? Do you need a lawyer?

by Sue Greenberg, VLAA Executive Director Although many of us prefer to conduct business on a handshake, vague verbal agreements can result in ugly misunderstandings. Putting the agreement in writing clarifies the obligations, encourages the parties to take their promises seriously, guards against forgetfulness and provides reasonable assurance that the contract will be enforceable in court. Getting advice from a…

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Legal Guide For The Visual Artist

Legal Guide for the Visual Artist

By Sue Greenberg, Executive Director The art world has changed for the better since 1997, when Tad Crawford published the first edition of Legal Guide for the Visual Artist. Legal protections have expanded, and technology has changed the way art can be created and disseminated. So, it is a pleasure to recommend the updated sixth edition of Crawford’s guide —…

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