We match clients with our dedicated volunteers who assist with arts-related legal and financial matters including:

  • Contracts
  • Copyright and Trademark
  • Forming and Operating LLCs and new nonprofits
  • Entertainment
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Leases
  • Estate Planning
  • Freedom of Artistic Expression
  • Record-keeping
  • Taxes
  • QuickBooks
  • …and more

Our Guidelines: Who We Serve

We provide free (pro bono) services to financially eligible individual artists, cultural workers, collectives, small creative businesses and nonprofit organizations with arts-related legal and accounting matters.

We use a broad and inclusive definition of art that includes the visual, literary, media, design, performing arts, makers and artisans, as well as community-based arts practices and emerging creative fields.

Problems that are not considered arts-related include traffic violations, personal injury, criminal and family law (child custody, divorce). If your problem isn’t arts-related, you may be able to find assistance here.

To receive pro bono services, our clients must meet our low-income or nonprofit operating budget guidelines.

We serve eastern Missouri, including Boone County, and Southwest Illinois. Not in our service area? Find assistance here.

We don’t ask our volunteer attorneys to litigate. Instead of going to court, they try to negotiate settlements. They also explain mediation and small claims court.

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  • Applying for assistance begins with submitting the appropriate application. Please fill out the application completely and accurately, so that we can process your request promptly.
  • We offer interpreter services for non-English speaking and hearing-impaired applicants. If you need an interpreter, your request should be made when you submit your form.
  • Sorry, we can’t provide emergency legal or accounting services. But if you have a pending deadline, please include that information in your application. Most referrals are made within two weeks.
  • We charge small referral fees that can be waived if you are facing financial stress. Please contact us to request a waiver before you complete your application.
  • If you’re eligible for pro bono services, our volunteers donate their time, but you’ll be responsible for any filing fees or other expenses.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Individuals & Creative Businesses

To receive free assistance, you must demonstrate household income below 300% of the federal poverty line, adjusted based on additional members of your household. Each member of multi-member limited liability companies (LLCs) must meet the same low-income guidelines.

Our busy volunteer accountants are not available to prepare tax returns for our pro bono clients between January and April. Instead, we co-host free tax preparation clinics and provide recommendations for finding free or affordable tax preparation assistance.

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Referral Request

If you are ineligible for free services because your income exceeds our guidelines, we can provide names of lawyers and/or accountants who can assist you as a paying client. Some are willing to reduce their rates in order to assist those working in the arts.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations with annual budgets under $1 million qualify for free assistance. Please note that our volunteer accountants cannot conduct audits and that Form 990-EZ preparation may not be available on a pro bono basis.

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Starting A New Nonprofit Organization

New organizations requesting assistance with incorporation and applying for tax-exempt status should request a copy of our Nonprofit Incorporation Workbook and the accompanying worksheets, which must be completed before meeting with a volunteer. 

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Sleep Better Financial Check-Up

Our Sleep Better Financial Check-Up program is designed for nonprofit arts organizations with operating budgets of $100,000 to $500,000. The goal of this service is to provide expert external advice that helps mid-sized organizations avoid financial stress and successfully manage their finances. The program includes self-assessment tools and a meeting with a CPA and a nonprofit CFO who examine the organization’s financial systems and operations and address needed changes.

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