Getting health insurance can be frustrating.

For artists, these challenges are exacerbated by their relatively low incomes, episodic work and high rates of self- and part-time employment.

Launched in 2010, our Every Artist Insured campaign helps artists and creative workers navigate the changing health insurance landscape. Our top Every Artist Insured priorities are to ensure that you understand your options and know how to sign up for coverage.

Get Covered

Many artists are still unaware that they can obtain health insurance with full benefits at a very reasonable cost on These subsidized plans are available to those without access to health insurance through a job, union, Medicare or Medicaid.

During the last open enrollment period, four out of five shoppers found coverage for $10 or less per month (thanks to extra savings made available under the American Rescue Plan Act). The Inflation Reduction Act extends those subsidies through 2025. You can enroll until January 15th.

Once open enrollment on ends, you may be eligible for Special Enrollment if you’ve had certain life events, including losing health coverage, moving, getting married, having a baby or adopting a child. Learn more at

You can enroll in Medicaid at any time. In Missouri, adults between the ages of 19 and 64 who earn up to $17,774 a year, or $36,570 for a family of four, are eligible.

Shop and Save

Enrolling in an affordable plan (or staying covered) may require some shopping around. If you’re enrolling for the first time, you can make the process easier by reviewing key health insurance terms and gathering this information before you start your application. Once you start the enrollment process, be sure to make note of your password!

Choosing a Plan plans fall into “metal” categories based on how the costs of care are shared between you and the insurance company. Silver plans fall in the middle and are the most common choice of shoppers. There are also catastrophic health plans for people under age 30, which provide protection for worst-case scenarios. These plans have low monthly premiums and very high deductibles.

Free Enrollment Assistance

Find local enrollment assistance here or call (800) 466-3213 to set up an in-person or virtual appointment. The Consumer Call Center, (800) 318-2596, is open 24/7. Late evening or overnight hours are the best time to call.