We offer affordable professional development workshops for creatives and arts administrators.

Tuition is waived for those facing financial hardship. Contact us to request a scholarship. Our webinars use Zoom’s automated captions (also known as live transcription) feature. For in-person workshops, American Sign Language interpreters and other reasonable accommodations are available upon request.

For Individuals


Fall 2023

This series is designed to increase the business savvy of our region’s artists.


Tuesday, June 20 at 6:30 PM (free webinar)

The Supreme Court’s recent decision in Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith may have been made on narrow grounds, but could it still “stifle creativity of every sort,” as Justice Elena Kagan warned in her dissent? This session will start with an overview of the fair use doctrine, which permits unlicensed use of copyrighted works in certain instances, before diving into the Court’s decision and exploring its practical ramifications, including those involving visual art, music sampling, and generative artificial intelligence. Presenters: David S. Kim, Stinson (St. Louis); Kohel Haver (Portland, OR); and Joel Leviton, Stinson (Minneapolis).

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Fall 2023

High Low Listening Room, 3301 Washington in Grand Center

Whether you’re thinking about forming a limited liability company or already have one, find out if this business structure really is for you. An attorney will cover all the basics, including how to establish and run an LLC, operating agreements, when you can be held personally liable and how LLCs are taxed. Twenty-minute consultations with lawyer-accountant teams will follow.

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For Organizations


Fall 2023

This two-session seminar is co-presented by the Arts and Education Council, Missouri Arts Council and Regional Arts Commission. The first session covers working with a board of directors, marketing, fund-raising, and financial management. Participants receive a 75-page manual. Tuesday’s interactive, jargon-free session will help you develop an approach to planning that answers your organization’s big questions and enables your staff and board members to think and act strategically. Learn together: tuition is $20 and $5 for each additional person from the same organization who attends. Sorry, no discounts for attending just one session.

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Winter 2024
Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar

Need another set of eyes? A team of volunteer accountants will review your organization’s year-end financial statement. Our CPAs will be using a sample (intended for small arts organizations), which includes the required Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Activities. They’ll be looking for clear presentation that will inspire the confidence of the grant panelists. Please note that the volunteers will not be reviewing program budgets. We’ll be making appointments in 15-minute blocks.