What The Frap: The Blending Of Stealing And Appropriation

What the Frap: The Blending of Stealing and Appropriation

There is a lawsuit brewing against Starbucks. Internationally regarded Brooklyn street artist and muralist Maya Hayuk is suing the coffee giant for stealing her brightly colored, kaleidoscopic artwork. And this isn’t the first time she is taking legal against a large corporation on fair use grounds. Maya Hayuk’s vibrant, geometric work allegedly caught Starbuck’s attention last fall. According to Hayuk’s…

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Vandalism Charge From Renowned Street Artist

Vandalism Charge from Renowned Street Artist

Shepard Fairey was commissioned to paint an 18-story mural in Detroit but he may have left his mark on more buildings than the city bargained for and police are now investigating. Most know Shepard Fairey by his iconic “HOPE” campaign poster for President Obama. A warrant for the famous street artist’s arrest was filed in 36th District Court last Friday.…

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