Hand With Three Extended Fingers

3 Takeaways: Public Speaking for Creatives

1. Approach public speaking like an actor prepares and then performs. Be authentic. Be invested. Be truthful. Believe in your material. That means doing your inner homework.

2. Prepare your script then practice, practice, practice — out loud.

3. Chose to WANT to be speaking. Begin confidently. Speak with vocal energy, but don’t rush. Look up from your notes. Make eye contact with your audience, so you can react and engage. And don’t let the ending fizzle out.

Warming Up: Physically & Vocally

Recommended books:
The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking by Sims Wyeth
Leadership Presence by Kathy Lubar and Belle Linda Halpern

No More Sweaty Palms: Public Speaking for Creatives, part of our Business Edge professional development series, was presented via Zoom on March 30, 2020. Thanks to our speaker, William Whitaker, professor of practice in drama, Washington University.