The Ethics Game Show

Wednesday, May 17
hosted by the St. Louis Community Foundation in Oak Knoll Park
presentation begins promptly at 3:00 PM
reception follows at 5:30 PM
2.0 Hours of Missouri CLE or CPE Ethics Credit

Join us for a fast-paced CLE/CPE ethics seminar in the format of a panel game show. Four teams will compete as “contestants,” answering ethics questions, hypotheticals and dilemmas posed by Mike Downey, Downey Law Group, who will involve the audience in a lively debate surrounding current ethics issues and rules of professional practice. Team members and the audience may be asked to find the true ethics story from among fictional hypotheticals, complete a limerick describing an ethics controversy or guess the ending to bizarre ethics sagas. In the lively discussions that follows each question, Downey will provide references to relevant rules, cases and ethics opinions. Special guest Alan Schilling, percussionist, will add an artistic flair to the program.

The program is free but please register no later than May 12 by sending an email to: Be sure to include your name and firm. And let us know if you’d like to be a contestant.