Can Etsy Users Protect Their Art?

Copyright infringement has become a hot topic of concern for

Etsy users who display their artwork for all to see.

Esty has become the go-to online platform for artists and crafters to display and sell their products. However, displaying your creation so pubically comes with its risks. It is very easy for members to become frustrated by those who simply use the platform in order to find what they like and recreate it themselves. More frustrating is when others begin to sell what they have recreated, now using your original ideas and designs to make a profit. Such actions can quickly transform an Etsy user from someone searching for design inspiration to a copyright infringer. Ultimately, there will likely be no reprocussions for such infringers unless Etsy users know how to properly protect their art.

The Etsy website contains a Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy to protect those who feel their intellectual property rights have been violated. The procedure may seem lengthy and tedious, but it is important to keep in mind that claiming copyright infringement is a serious allegation with real legal reprocussions and thus cannot be taken lightly.

Etsy seems to take copyright infringement and the protection of its users very seriously. The platform insists that it treats all claims seriously, whether from well-known companies or private individuals. It is important to know your rights as a creator and to be able to take the proper steps to protect the product that results from your own hard work and ingenuity.

In conclusion, keep creating, but know your rights! It is likely that many Etsy users are unaware of the site’s Intellectual Property Policy when they join. In addition to the policy itself, a blog post by Etsy further details the company’s attitude towards copyright infringement. It is all too easy to breeze over fine print and company policies, but if you are serious about your Etsy creations you do not want to miss out on such valuable information. Remain informed, and create responsibly. Happy crafting!

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by Kaitlyn West