New York Senate Protects Art Authenticators With New Bill

New York Senate Protects Art Authenticators with New Bill

The New York State Senate recently approved a bill on June 15th to protect art authenticators from unfounded litigation. The bill amends the New York Art and Cultural Affairs Law and limits the liability of art authenticators and appraisers. The bill, which attempts to remedy the recent trend of high cost litigation towards authenticators, is a good first step to…

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Local Designer Stands Up To Corporate Giant

Local Designer Stands up to Corporate Giant

Powerful corporations often think they can take advantage of small business owners with no repercussions – Melissa Lay proves otherwise. It takes a lot of courage for a small business owner to stand up to a corporate giant in any business setting. Melissa Lay, an Oregon designer, did just that when she claimed Target copied one of the graphic designs…

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Return Nazi Art To Jewish Decedents

Return Nazi Art to Jewish Decedents

Federal Judge Declines Order to Return Nazi Art to Jewish Decedents Recently, Judge John F. Walter, a federal judge in Los Angeles, declined an order to return an Impressionist painting, that Jewish relatives say was sold to a Nazi art appraiser in 1939, against the will of its owner.  The painting, “Rue Saint-Honoré, Après-midi, Effet de Pluie,” by Pissasarro, was…

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